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The company mission is to design and build innovative solutions to enable remote tracking and asset management, empowering enterprise to improve their operational efficiency. HidnSeek ultra-low power devices are leveraging on the rapid and disruptive deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) Networks such as SIGFOX and LoRaWAN.


  • Optimize your asset usage and improve operational efficiency
  • Locate your assets in real-time
  • Use asset utilization to allocate project costs
  • Remote logistics management (track, route analysis, pre-arrival notification or departure alerts)
  • Implement preventative maintenance and plan ahead
  • Manage your asset inventory


1-easytoinstallEasy to Install

2-lowservicecharge Low Service Charge

3-longbatterylifeLong Battery Life

4-networkSIGFOX & LoRaWAN

5-asset-analyticsAsset Analytics

Much more than a Tracking Solution.

The Web-Platform enables users to intuitively manage vital assets from a single screen.  Empowering users to view the assets route history and locate the assets latest position quickly has never been made so easy. Our technology monitors asset movement, enable you to set boundaries and alerts and get temperature logging.  Our platform provides insight on asset utilization. The tracker uses the rapidly expanding Internet-of-Things network powered by SIGFOX or LoRaWAN. Open APIs access allows 3rd party integrations and developers to craft their own apps. The HidnSeek web-platform is also open and compatible with other GPS trackers such as Oyster, Lobaro, etc.

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Sigfox Device with 10 year Battery life! Really?

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HidnSeek GPS Tracker Innovative Solution

HidnSeek GPS Tracker Innovative Solution

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HidnSeek disruptive tracking solution featured in Venture Beat

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