HidnSeek ST1-L

HidnSeek ST1-L

Revolutionary GPS Tracker

Personal Protection

The Revolutionary Lightweight GPS Tracker

HidnSeek ST1-L is an autonomous rechargeable standalone GPS tracker. With no SIM card or installation required, the ST1-L works seamlessly with our free mobile or web app and is specifically designed with tracking and security in mind.

HIDNSEEK ST1-L is only available on TheThingsNetwork for now; the service charge is included in the price of the tracker for the first year – after year one the annual subscription is €13.90 (using TheThingsNetwork).

HIDNSEEK ST1-L is going to be rolled out soon using the Objenious Network – our annual subscription charge using the Objenious network will be communicated at a latest stage.

Multiple users can monitor a single device and customize their own alerts and geo-fences, and the open APIs and open firmware allows developers to craft their own apps and integrate additional sensors. This tiny little lightweight device, gives you the perfect combination of size, weight, operational hours and functionality.


Geolocalization, route history, geo-fencing, open API, open firmware, alerts notifications


GPS location and motion detection. Export GPS points and events to csv file. 

Between 1-3 months autonomy depending on usage; Rechargeable using micro-usb

IP40 (not waterproof)




85 x 48 x 15 mm


9-weight   WEIGHT
   48 grams


5-operatin-temperatureOPERATING TEMPERATURE
-20°C to +60°C


Micro-USB cable


Use Cases

  • Personal Security
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Logistics Monitoring
  • Theft Prevention
  • Animal Tracking
  • Car fleet Tracking
  • Asset Security
  • Baggage Protection

For more informations contact@hidnseek.fr