HidnSeek announced today its first products for the B2B market, one of which provides unlimited power and connectivity. HidnSeek have introduced their B2B IoT enabler “DigiTraq” to link physical assets to the digital world.

HidnSeek have developed two products for B2B: DigiTraq PV, built-in with Photovoltaic cells to provide unlimited power and connectivity and is mainly for geo-localization applications, and DigiTraq ST-A which facilitates multiple plug-ins for additional sensors. Both DigiTraq IoT enablers uses SIGFOX network, are waterproof, easy to setup and can be attached to any asset.

The IoT market opportunities are vast. “With the maturity of technology surrounding IOT we are going to see a significant digital transformation, which will empower both large and small enterprise, as never before – companies across many sectors will utilize smart IoT enablers to access real-time information, to improve efficiency, innovation and accelerate growth. HidnSeek is fully engaged to be part of this digital revolution” Xavier Torres-Tuset, CEO said.

“Using DigiTraq platform will help enterprise to meet their rapid prototyping and proof of concepts needs and assist them to deliver their time to market objectives. HidnSeek is already welcoming customers for early trial with the DigiTraq platform” Stephane Driussi, CTO said.

The versatile DigiTraq platform can unlock monitoring applications such as: Urban Noise levels or Air Quality, Waste Management, Water Quality or Leakages, Shipment Quality, Intrusion Detection and much more providing Analytic material for a Smarter World.

About HidnSeek 
HidnSeek, a connected asset management solution provider, based in Grenoble, France, was founded by Stéphane Driussi and Xavier Torres-Tuset. The company’s goal is to deliver an affordable and versatile IoT solution platform for enterprises, using scalable UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) networks such as SIGFOX.
HidnSeek have already successfully introduced the small stand alone GPS tracker, ST1- A, with customers all across Europe.