HidnSeek is announcing the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, taking orders for the world’s first smart compact Global Positioning Tracking Device with no GSM fee. The HidnSeek tracker determines its location using GPS technology allowing anything to be accurately located anywhere, through an easy to use smartphone application.

HidnSeek is a key fob-sized tracker, providing frequent geo-localization updates at a low connectivity fee. HidnSeek will be using the low-cost, low-power widespread SigFox IoT (Internet of Things) network, which is running via UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) protocol.

USB rechargeable, it will have autonomy of several months, depending on update frequency, but the functionality doesn’t end there.

With its inbuilt geo-fencing technology, users can predefine a set of boundaries, and receive alert notifications directly to smartphones when the HidnSeek device enters or exits a geo-fence. Further, by integrating a MEMS accelerometer, HidnSeek has developed a unique “Body Guard” feature, which can alert users in the event that a device remains motionless for a period of their choosing. Also, HidnSeek has a “Motion Sensor” feature, and can be used as a security system

By sharing HidnSeek tracker IDs, trusted contacts can receive alert notifications directly to their smartphones.

About HidnSeek

The Founders: Both passionate about the Internet Of Things (IoT), innovation and technology; Stéphane Driussi is a senior microelectronic specialist working in digital design and Xavier Torres-Tuset is a senior technologist in the hardware industry. “We want to bring a creative vision into reality,” they say.

“We’ve been building innovative solutions from the ground up for years and we’ve demonstrated the ability to overcome many challenges with the HidnSeek project,” says Driussi. “Our goal is to deliver to the market place more than just a tracker, by bundling revolutionary new functionality together with ultra low-cost connectivity in an affordable and accurate GPS locator.”

“We truly believe that UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) and SigFox network offers a disruptive solution for the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT). SigFox network is highly scalable and built to handle high volume of devices,” adds Stephane.

About SigFox and UNB

SigFox is a French company based in the Toulouse region specialising in delivering a global connectivity through a UNB wireless network (Ultra Narrow Band). This enables long-distance connections for small data packets. Antenna range is up to 50km, offering almost complete coverage.

UNB also offers a very efficient power envelope and guarantees an ultra-low cost solution for the end-user.

Never lose your Things with HidnSeek – The Affordable, Accurate, GPS Locator.