Sigfox has tailored a compact and optimized protocol to handle small messages to maximise network and device energy efficiency. A small message size up to 12-bytes payload coupled with maximum message frequency of every ten minutes ensures power consumption is minimal hence longer battery life. HidnSeek have designed hardware with minimum current consumption and techniques such as motion detection to only send messages when required.

Yet, despite this focus on minimal power and data messages, HidnSeek has hit the 15 Million messages served milestone in its second year in business. This is a reflection of the growing demand for our products and services and the many custom solutions we have developed for our customers.

Applications for our solutions has included industrial and farm equipment tracking, palet tracking, security applications, monitoring temperature of product shipments, offshore Tracking, personal tracking and a multitude of other use cases where HidnSeek’s low power solutions excel.

In 2018 we look forward to introducing new technologies and products and new partnerships for a more global reach. We look forward to hearing from our existing and new customers in 2018 with a view to developing new solutions.